St Agnes Refugee Pledge Form

At St. Agnes there is always someone to extend a helping hand to persons renewing their relationship with the Lord and the Church. People wishing to speak to a priest will always be received with compassion and understanding and a desire to extend any assistance. Part of our Christian calling is always to help each other in the journey of faith. We pray that St. Agnes will always be the place that people can call home and have a strong sense of belonging to our Church Family.

Parish Staff

Pastor Fr. Paul Morris 454-8200
Religious Ed. Director  Tanya Thomson 454-8281
Music Coordinator Greg Doyle 454-8200
Office Administrator Marlene Turpin 454-8200
Hall Rentals Marlene Turpin 454-8200
Baptism: Last Sunday of every month by appointment (Please contact the office)
Marriage: By Appointment, one year notice